duminică, 15 decembrie 2013

Winter Wonderland

Every year, we come to the end of November, and we ask ourselves: "What's next?". Well, as a matter of fact, it just happens that I, Enache Emanuel, am here to tell you what's next:
            We come back from school. We see the naked trees, screaming for help. They offer no resistance against the cutting wind. We come home. We eat, do our homework and go to sleep. A tear comes from everybody's eye. Summer is gone.
            They wake up. A torrent of thoughts comes to their mind. They go to their windows. They can't believe it. A white blanket covers the whole landscape. Feathers rain from the sky as they scream their happiness. Winter is upon them! They quickly dress up. When they open their doors a freezing cold cannon ball hits them in their faces. They see their friends laughing with a snowball in their hands. They jump in the snow as they don't care. Their friends join them. Winter is upon them!
            Night comes. I come back to my houses' door. I cry as that day passed away. " Don't worry, child! Winter didn't end!", My parents tell me. I begin to laugh. I was so foolish! I undress and begin to eat. So hot food! I begin my homework. "Pen, pen, tell me, what do you write about today?"
            "A winter wonderland, little sir! A winter wonderland..."
            He begins to write. I watch as he draws winter with his words.
" I'm amazed. You are great at writing!"
            "Thank you, little sir! Thank you! Wait! Don't YOU need to write about this?"
            "<sigh> All right! So: Winter is a snow paradise. Guarded by snowmen, full of angels at every step, and populated by children's fantasies. How is that, little sir?
            "Perfect! But continue with this: Children fight with snowballs with the zeal of an angel. Santa Claus watches and laughs. His elves want to know what to get for the children-
            "A talking little sergeant, a singing bunny, a dancing doll and a lightning quick bycicle!"
            "When did you grow a mind full of imagination, my pen?"
            "When your little brother kept writing to Santa Claus all of these silly things!"
            "What do you call silly, soldier?"
            An army of talking sergeants, bunnies, dolls and bicycles faced them. They were alive! Dancing and singing, laughing about what the pen and I were saying!

            " Just sleep, child, a bearded man in red said. Just sleep..."

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