vineri, 1 mai 2015

Acting green

                In these modern times, around 50% of the human race is slowly destroying itself by polluting the environment. Even putting garbage in a garbage can now is important, as the ozone layer around Earth is slowly diminishing, and the sun’s heat will burn everything. Now, how do we fix this?
What we’ve done to Earth cannot be undone, so what we need to do is to try to stop pollution and save our natural resources for our future generations, which will, hopefully, develop new, and more creative ways to stop pollution in all its forms. 
We need to use finite resources (coal, petroleum, natural gas, metal) to build machines (wind turbines, solar panels) or buildings (trompes, geothermal plants) with which we can generate renewable resources (wind power, solar energy, hydropower, geothermal energy), which we can transform into resources which WE use (oxygen, electricity, potable water) and then save some of them for our future generations.
My plan may be a foolish one. My plan may be unimaginable. But my plan is not impossible. If we unite our nations, if we leave our conflicts behind, if we put down our pride, we can do this. Let’s save Earth.

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