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Humanty's Heroes

Humanty's Heroes

            Heroes…who are our heroes? They are those people with supernatural powers (that is why, sometimes, they are called ‘superheroes’), people who did big things, such as taking part in revolutions, top secret military operations, saving an important person, or capturing a terrorist leader, etc.

            In my opinion, the most important ancient heroes are:

1. Perseus- the Greek hero who killed Medusa;

2. Hercules-the Roman hero with an incredible strength;

3. Hatshepsut- the first woman who became a Pharaoh;

4. Decebal- the Dacian leader who committed suicide so he would not become a Roman prisoner; he also led his people in the mountains;

5. Magellan- the man who proved that the world is spherical.

            If I think of the modern times, I would consider heroes, or superheroes, the following figures, even if they are fictional characters:

1. Spiderman- the teenager with spider powers and the guardian angel of New York;

2. Superman- the man with many supernatural powers;

3. Batman- the man with bat powers, incredible gadgets and the guardian angel of Arkham City;

4. Batwoman- Batman’s sidekick;

5. Robin- occasionally Batman’s sidekick and the leader of the Teen Titans.

            As we can see, there are many superheroes, everyone having an arch enemy. You never know when an animal will bite you and you become a mutant. You never know when a villain arises and you are the only one who can stop him/her. Moreover, you never know when someone or something leads you to a darker path.

            I have never thought about becoming a superhero as it is impossible. But, I am good at computers, so I can easily be the man behind a superhero. I think that nowadays, the world is a prisoner of terror. For example, Africa is a battlefield which hosts a never ending war; America is the home of terrorism, Asia’s nature is being torn apart, while Europe is the victim of many wars and therefore, a prisoner of violence.

            Thus, I ask myself: “Where are the heroes?” “Where are the sidekicks?” “Where is the peace?” “Where are the times when everyone did not want money, but the chance to adventure?” The only certain answer is that the world is a battlefield on which we are the victims, but we can definitely change this situation.

            A hero or a villain? A hero who spreads happiness everywhere and protects the world…or a villain who gets the power no matter what? I know who I am inside and who I am going to become. But who are you inside? “That is the question...”


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